Welcome to CarsonPark.org, home of the future Carson Park Neighborhood Group.

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Why form a neighborhood group?

The goal of forming our neighborhood group is to:

  • Maintain a clean and safe park and neighborhood

  • Advocate for improvements and services to Carson Park and the neighborhood

  • Improve neighborhood-wide communication

Steps to form our neighborhood group

Step 1: Gather interest from community

Our first goal is to gather interest from community members that wish to serve on the board to form our neighborhood group. Our goal is to recruit a diverse group for this board from various subdivisions surrounding Carson Park.

We will also gather contact information for neighbors who want to hear news from the neighborhood group and provide input on ways we can improve our neighborhood.

Step 2: Form 'Friends of Carson Park' group and create agenda

Once a board group of community members has been formed, we will:

  • name our community group

  • choose roles and create bylaws

  • create group vision and priorities

Step 3: Register with the City of Aurora as a Neighborhood Group

Registering our neighborhood group with the City of Aurora establishes our group as representing our neighborhood and will allow our group to:

  • receive notice of nearby proposed developments

  • have the opportunity to comment on these applications

  • represent neighborhood concerns directly with the City of Aurora as a group

Step 4: Enact plan to improve neighborhood

Once our group and priorities are formed, we will begin to implement our plan to improve and inform our community.

More information coming soon. Email dan@carsonpark.org with any questions.